Samsung Ambient

Tender nature elements, smooth movements and selected materials expressed in a coherent visual language, yet individually speaking for themselves: With the Ambient Mode Samsung started to bring digital art into the living room.

By recognizing the respective background the TV is able to simulate transparency and to adapt the data-driven content accordingly to seamlessly blend with the environment.

Several themes were both aesthetically and technically interpreted to create a variety of visuals and open a new world of digital art, adaptable for individual settings. With their great variety they still share an overall visual language, which holistically reflects an aspiration for discreet, yet atmospheric content.


Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Art Direction: Bernd Marbach, Julio Clavijo
Production: Aurelien Krieger
Technical Direction: Henryk Wollik
Code: Henryk Wollik, Ryan Alexander, Margin Ignac