»FLUX« is a data-driven art installation visualizing the different facets of the Internet of Things and cognitive technologies. Through four unique visual modes, the sculpture cycles through mesmerizing imagery created through streams of living data. Intelligently engaging with its viewers, the piece is a focal point of the IBM Watson Headquarters, Germany.


Commissioned by IBM, onformative was invited to develop »FLUX«, a permanent installation for the new IBM Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich. Nested in polished steel casings, thirty-two curved screens span over eight ribbon displays. Inspired by the shape of IBM Watson, »FLUX« is composed of dynamic visuals based on complex IoT data, various sensor inputs and weather forecasting. The data-driven visual content moves and clusters based on the real-time input, reflecting the innovation, growth and creative power of technology.


Rich in elan, »FLUX« has an upward motion with a pulse and positive momentum. The installation demonstrates the significance of cognitive technologies and A.I. in our present world and future. »FLUX« is a thoughtful interpretation of the rapid development of the Internet of Things through multiple evolving visualizations. From ribbons of light to responsive gradients, these visual modes represent the complexity of information and the infinite potential for expansion.

Visual content

The installation activates the space to reflect the ideation, innovation, growth and creative power of technology. The movement and clustering of visual content is data-driven and interactive based on real-time data sources. Reacting to your presence, the piece creates a dialogue with the viewer. »FLUX« is perceptive and adapts according to its participants. This living and responsive sculpture creates a bespoke visual language that proves its intelligence and awareness, to highlight the relationship between humans and Artificial Intelligence.


Production: Julia Laub
Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Art Direction: Moco Ziegler
Technical Direction & Code: Moco Ziegler
Code: João Fonseca, Aristides Garcia, Max Mittermeier
Commissioned by: VOK DAMS
Architecture & Interior: Universal Design Studio / MAP Project Office
Technical Setup: Archimedes Exhibitions
Built with vvvv


Clio Awards Bronze Winner, London 2017